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Robyn Rickenbach
President and Owner, Springboard International

You will find Lea to be an energetic, focused, and incredibly passionate coach who really knows her stuff. She is full of ideas, and her perspective on millennials is unlike any I have seen. As a cusper Gen X/Boomer, I found her insights to be engaging, and changed how I think about millennial professionals.  She was generous with her time and facilitated our team through a productive dialogue about coaching and millennials. She’s the best!


Kayleigh N.
U.S. House of Representatives

I had been doing a number of brand building activities/events before working with Lea, but was really struggling with my branding statement! Lea challenged me to think more critically about what I want to be telling people, and identifying what gets their attention.
Since working with her, I now have a clear policy/government-centric branding statement specific to the Hill. What I love is that I can easily tweak this to work in other fields if I choose. I finally found my way to the Hill (Congress) with this brand and confident that I can use it for whatever I decide to do next.



Alyssa J.
Entrepreneur & Consultant

When I came to Lea, I was stuck. I was missing a sense of purpose and inspiration professionally and personally. Her approach is thoughtful and intentional. Lea created a space where I could find clarity, better set goals, and consider different perspectives. Her facilitated sessions had purpose and helped me have a few aha moments. More than anything, Lea is a wonderful person who wants to see everyone she works with fulfilled.


Natalie B.
Human Capital Consultant

I thoroughly enjoyed Roger's approach, delivery, and facilitation of discussion around hot topics in leadership, professional branding and strategic networking during his interactive presentation. Many thanks to you!


Michelle P.
National Trust for Historic Preservation

Working with Lea completely turned my life upside-down, in the best way. I have always been independent and goal-oriented, but after reaching a point of serious stagnation and frustration with my professional life, I reached out in a moment of desperation. It was the best thing I could have possibly done.

Within a year of having my first session with Lea, I moved into my dream sector, and am about to attend a world-renown graduate program to further specialize in my chosen field. Lea held my accountable to my goals, using gentle guidance coupled with tough questions when I set up my own roadblocks. While she understood my anxiety and apprehension from her own personal experiences, she didn't let me retreat into fear. Lea made me brave enough to take steps I had only fantasized about. I have recommended Lea's coaching practice countless times, and know she's a phone call away for whatever life brings.