The key to success? Flexibility.

Recently, a fellow coaching expert Marti Konstant, reached out and asked me to interview for her blog on the “business model” of the coaching business.

Marti is no small shaker, she is a workplace futurist with an agile mindset. She is a career growth analyst, author, speaker, personal brand architect, and founder of the Agile Careerist Project™.

I remember sitting back in my chair when she reached out and thinking “my business model?'“ This is going to be interesting…

“While researching different types of coaches (life, career, and executive), I uncovered a refreshing business model from a millennial career coach, Lea Berry. Her program includes coaching, career bootcamps, seminars, personal branding, and an assortment of career services for Millennials.”

Read more from Marti’s blog here!

Her ask got me thinking about the perception of Millennials, and how obvious my business model is a direct reflection of me - and everyone I work with and talk to.

I’m subscribed to the idea of customer first - I create offerings and generate ideas that help other people feel inspired, empowered and EQUIPPED to take action in a way that transforms their life & career.

I’m a big believer in creating curated options. For those who are unsure of what they want to do, or don’t see a clear pathway of action steps that they can take, the programs I develop will deliver opportunities for you to find that answer. Whether you’re on the shoe string budget or in a cushy corporate dig, I focus on making you successful in selecting a path.

Thank you Marti for the insightful and reflective conversation - we all have much to learn to keep up with this amazing generaton of professionals!