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Lea Berry, CPC, MPA, MSPS

Lea Berry is a certified professional Life and Career Coach with expertise in organizational motivation and workforce training and development, but you may wonder how she got into this work.

Having started in a traditional job after traditional schooling, she was heading down a path of working in international relations. She did all of the right things to get there - built her brand, networked like crazy, and never stopped growing intellectually. When she found herself increasingly unhappy with her job, she went soul searching (from my cubicle). 

She had never felt like she "fit in" at work. Her personality was different from the others, and she tended to rebel when told what to do. Rather than continue to fight her urges, she decided to hire a coach to explore whether a new career path was necessary.

Five years later, she’s since launched her own business committed to helping millennials find their career calling and successfully navigate the job market. Using the tools she’s developed in her own search, he’s helped both women & men navigate career changes in a variety of different industries. She absolutely LOVES what she does, and if we have a chance to connect on the phone, you'll understand why. “Your career challenge is what calls me to serve - I can't wait to jump into the trickiest problems and help you step into the professional you are meant to be.”

Roger Berry, PMP, MSPS

Roger Berry is a certified professional project manager with over a decade of industry experience. He started his career with a passion for grassroots advocacy and actively volunteers his time supporting causes that create positive impact. He brings this positive focus to his work as an educator and motivator to his corporate and non-profit clients. He is a professional public speaker and is always on the lookout for opportunities to motivate others and enhance organization's social responsibilities. Roger is passionate about personal and professional development and has worked with clients to improve their self-confidence, self-esteem, and ability to successfully moving past insecurity, self-doubt and limiting beliefs.